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Before working with me, Connor Murphy had no online business. He now has a successful clothing line, and his first fitness course made $190,000 the first month! 
After working with me for a few months, Charles Mayhew started making 4 TIMES AS MUCH MONEY as he was making before!
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Case Study #1
David Kosciusko is making over $80,000 per month After only 2 months of working with me!
David is now close to his goal of making $100,000 per month with his online business! 
Case Study #2
Harry simonis took his failing fitness clothing line from zero to over $50,000 per month after working with me. he is only 20 years old!
Case Study #3
Partkchhit took his fitness clothing line form zero to $5000 a month in only 4 weeks!
and he is just 17 years old!
Partkchhit recently hit his goal of making $5,000 per month with his online business! 

At age 17!
Case Study #4
steve fernandes was  living AT his PARENT'S house with a low paying job that he hated. 
after working with me for only a few months, he was able to move out of his parent's house in INDIA, to his own apartment in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA! 

he is now making over $10,000 per month with his own online business!  
Case Study #5
Moe Abasi went from zero to $5000 per month selling his online courses after working with me for only 2 months. He is only 21 years old!
Case Study #6
Case Study #7
Bella rahbek started with no money, BUT now she makes BETWEEN $5,000-$6,000 every month from her fitness business.
This program is not for everyone.

What I mean is, it is for people who are willing to PUT IN THE WORK

If you are broke and hoping to “get rich quick” then this is not for you.

We are looking for people who have value to offer to the world and only need a platform to introduce that value. We work with people who love helping others, and want to build a long term sustainable business out of it. 

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